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Direct School Admission 2020

The Direct School Application will be a way for students to find a secondary school and secure their spot even before receiving their PSLE results. One way they can gain admission is if they have talents across activities such as Sports or Arts or even Uniformed Groups that the school is looking for.

What to do during March Holiday?

This month, every student is gearing up for the anticipated March Holidays, the first holiday of the year. How do you intend to spend this holiday with your children? Too much fun and no work would not be good but children need sufficient amount of rest in order to recuperate as well. Here are some activities which help you maintain the balance between fun and studious.

How to make friends: Is it really that hard?

One worrying factor that parents may have is whether or not their child can make a friend and the right friend would go a long way to ensuring your child's happiness. Everyone needs a friend to share happiness and go through dark moments with. If your child is having trouble making a close friend, here are some things you can do!

Direct School Admission 2019

The application period for DSA 2019 is arriving soon. With all the different secondary schools offering unique DSA programmes, parents may face some frustration as they gather the information together. With this in mind, we have categorised the DSA programmes offered by 12 schools in the West region according to the type of DSA programme they offer.

New Year, New Syllabus!

Each new year comes with new daunting information such as new topics or new activities. This is a great challenge which allows students to stretch their potential even further. Children often want to do better when playing games. A little competition is good for everyone. However, just like in every game, there is an objective set. This objective becomes a goal which your kid will strive for and i......

Believing that each child is unique with different learning needs

Values in our Pupils


When you realize your responsibility, you will realize your dreams.


Wisdom is knowing the right path to take; Integrity is taking it.


Passion makes the impossible happen.


Empathy differentiates humans.

Unravel @ Our Learning Lodge

Do you want to be the main character in one of those escape computer games? Unravel requires you to work with your team members to solve mysteries and find clues within a time limit to escape from a trapped room. Put your intelligence and detective skills to the test.