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Believing that each child is different


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Believing that each child is unique with different learning needs

Concerned with the rising trend of dual-income families, Our Learning Lodge is a drop-in centre, which engages the latchkey children in meaningful after-school activities. The centre also serves as an alternative space for the children to drop by and spend their time in a structured manner.

Believing that each child is unique with different learning needs

Values in our Pupils


When you realize your responsibility, you will realize your dreams.


Wisdom is knowing the right path to take; Integrity is taking it.


Passion makes the impossible happen.


Empathy differentiates humans.

Unravel @ Our Learning Lodge

Do you want to be the main character in one of those escape computer games? Unravel requires you to work with your team members to solve mysteries and find clues within a time limit to escape from a trapped room. Put your intelligence and detective skills to the test.